Shorts: Transience

@ UO EMU Redwood Auditorium (Room 214)
Dream of Home – Music Video

Joyce Kwon wanders through the ruins of a past life she can only dream of in the hauntingly beautiful music video for the title track off her debut album.

4 minutes | USA | Directed by Jon Pears

Q&A with Singer/Songwriter Joyce Kwon

Kashghar Blues – Narrative

Wandering New York City alone at night, a man is haunted by a past lover. The city becomes unbearably claustrophobic when he is chased by memories at every turn.

3 minutes | USA | Directed by Eric Elofson

No Returns – Narrative

Adopted from China at age 5, Katie has always felt as though she existed between two worlds. Upon adulthood she travels to China in search of answers to haunting questions. Sometimes you need to travel far to find what has always been near. 

15 minutes | USA | Directed by Youwen Ma

Q&A with Producer Joyce Liu-Countryman

A Letter For Sang-Ah – Documentary

This documentary explores the stigma placed upon single mothers in South Korea. It tells the stories of two mothers—both their heartbreak and resilience–in the face of a government and society that does not support them.

26 minutes | USA | Directed by Mina Fitzpatrick

An Affair Remains – Narrative

A Japanese man comes to America to retrieve the remains of his wife, who died in a crash with her lover. When he meets the widow of his wife’s lover, they begin to bond over the secrets that brought them together.

14 minutes | USA | Directed by Ray Nomoto Robison

Q&A with Director Ray Nomoto Robison

GAPS – Documentary

A poignant look at Alzheimer’s in the Asian American community and the cultural stigma of mental illness. By bringing language, values, and family dynamics into the picture, this film reshapes the conversation we need to be having around Alzheimer’s.

13 minutes | USA | Directed by Peter Trinh

Artemis and the Astronaut – Narrative

Artemis’ husband Henri has died. His aging mind caused him to leave her piece by piece, until one day he was no longer there. If she can let go of the parts of him she still clings to, perhaps they can share one last dance.

14 minutes | USA | Directed by A. L. Lee

Q&A with Director A. L. Lee

Saturday, March 16, 2019
12:40 pm — 2:30 pm (1h 50′)

University of Oregon

Music video, Short Documentary, Short Narrative

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