Shorts Program #1: The Asian Man

@ UO Redwood Auditorium

Q&A with filmmakers Dinh Thai (MONDAY), Jason Karman (Lions in Waiting) and Harjus Singh (All Quiet on the Homefront)

Asian Man, White Woman

Narrative | 2 minutes | USA | Directed by Woody Fu

Asian Man, White Woman

Welcome to the World

Narrative | 7 minutes | Canada | Pacific Northwest Premiere | Directed by Albert M. Chan, Anthony Grasso
A troubled man records a video message for his pregnant sister. Drawing its power and immediacy from its first-person, confessional style, this film presents the journey of one man’s awakening from isolation back to humanity.

Lions in Waiting

Narrative | 18 minutes | Canada | Oregon Premiere | Directed by Jason Karman
The newest member of a minor league hockey team, Ray, experiences hazing by his new teammates as he struggles to fit in both on and off the ice. Ray will have to find the courage to accept himself first—and maybe even inspire a fellow teammate.

All Quiet on the Homefront

Narrative | 25 minutes | USA | Pacific Northwest Premiere | Directed by Harjus Singh Sethi
Based on the true story of Bhagat Singh Thind, one of the first Asian-Americans from India, who immigrated to the US, earned citizenship and volunteered to fight in the US Army during WW1. After returning from the war, he was discharged because a new law revokes the citizenship of Non-Caucasians.

The Flip Side

Narrative | 25 minutes | USA | Oregon Premiere | Directed by Val Wang
Daqi has trained at an elite state-run Chinese circus academy since age 9. His story shows the increasingly globalized circus world, where disparate people and acrobatic cultures come together, clash, and ultimately transform each other.

The Flip Side


Music video | 3 minutes | USA | Directed by Vincent Blackhorse
A Sexy Asian Man + A Fine Black Woman

Story of Self

Documentary | 3 minutes | USA | Pacific Northwest Premiere | Directed by Set Hernandez Rongkilyo
What does it mean to choose, when you only have one choice? What does it mean to be unafraid, when your enemy seems undefeatable? What does it mean to have a story, when you are undocumented? This is my story of self.

Story of Self


Narrative | 19 minutes | USA | Pacific Northwest Premiere | Directed by Dinh Thai
“What can I get to you?” That’s the question driving a conflicted young hustler who sells everything and anything to make money. As he code-switches through various cliques, he’s forced to confront racism as well as the immorality of his occupation. Monday is the first place winner of HBO’s inaugural APA Visionaries contest.

Saturday, April 21, 2018
2:40 pm — 4:40 pm (2h)

University of Oregon

Music video, Short Documentary, Short Narrative