Shorts: Expectations (FREE)

@ UO EMU Redwood Auditorium (Room 214)
Five O’Clock Shadow – Narrative

In the aftermath of a racist interaction, an Indian American couple grapples with their fears that have surfaced and the feeling of not belonging.

5 minutes | USA | Directed by Sangeeta Agrawal

The Beach House – Narrative

At a weekend beach getaway, Max and Jamie bond over their shared experiences as Korean adoptees.

12 minutes | USA | Directed by Eric Elizaga

Searching for the None – Narrative

Hunter’s search for love is difficult because of his need to find “the one.” He sets out to free himself of this ideal altogether. 

12 minutes | USA | Directed by Jean Louis Droulers

Q&A with Writer/Lead Actor Andy Do

Speak Easy, B – Narrative

From the fragments divulged in a therapy session, and transported to the desert of her mind, B drifts through an ethereal tangle of gender, identity, and love.

15 minutes | USA | Directed by Becca Park and Jun Shimizu

Sideways Smile – Narrative (age 17+)

When Alex admits to her roommate that she has never had an orgasm, her roommate is horrified and convinces her to join a class to learn how.

12 minutes | USA | Directed by Hang Nguyen

A Sari for Pallavi – Narrative

Indian tradition clashes with American culture as cousins Thini and Pallavi fight over wedding attire.

10 minutes | USA | Directed by Kate Chamuris

Where There Is No Exit – Narrative

Five strangers are trapped in another dimension, a space where there is no exit. Next stop: Home?

12 minutes | USA | Directed by Angelo Santos

Eyecatcher – Narrative

Andrew‘s brother, Jason, once told him stories of a shape-shifting monster called the Eyecatcher. When he visits Jason years later, their childhood nightmare comes back to haunt them.

14 minutes | USA | Directed by Jun Shimizu

Saturday, March 16, 2019
8:50 pm — 10:45 pm (1h 55′)

University of Oregon

Short Narrative