Shorts: American Girl

@ UO EMU Redwood Auditorium (Room 214)
Milk – Narrative

Miscommunication in families can be frustrating…and charming!

2 minutes | Canada | Directed by Winnifred Jong

Liquor Store Babies – Documentary

Two young friends explore their lives and their aspirations as children of immigrants, sharing thoughtful, poignant moments reflecting upon their parents’ work.

6 minutes | USA | Directed by So Yun Um

Maybe – Narrative

Sweet, slice of life film set in Hawaii; a young girl’s identity begins to blossom.

11 minutes | USA | Directed by Kat Cole

Q&A with Actor Myhraliza Aala

The Traveler Takamure – Documentary

Filmmaker Jing Niu recreates the inspiring 1918 pilgrimage of feminist and poet Takamure Itsue, circumnavigating Shikoku, Japan on foot. Niu ultimately ends up writing her own story of misdirection, the kindness of strangers, and testing one’s limits in the name of adventure.

17 minutes | USA | Directed by Jing Niu

American Girl – Narrative

When the time comes to put away childish things…

4 minutes | USA | Directed by Martin Tran
Q&A with Director Martin Tran

Continuum – Narrative

A workaholic father is tormented by his actions the night of his daughter’s accident, and is driven to perfect his latest invention.

20 minutes | USA | Directed by Justin Chien and Ryan Alexander Huang

Andromeda – Narrative

Sci-fi short film. Through one lifelong friendship, an android is set free.

15 minutes | USA | Directed by Emily Limyun Dean

Proud – Narrative

Navigating personal issues of culture and race, an Asian American woman ultimately finds strength and resilience in her identity.

13 minutes | USA | Directed by Jackie Dallas



Sunday, March 17, 2019
4:50 pm — 6:45 pm (1h 55′)

University of Oregon

Short Documentary, Short Narrative

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